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Directed Returns 3X Lock Press To Basic Remote Start
Jul 22, 2015

Directed is reinstating the lock press 3X feature for its DBALL2 remote start data modules.

The feature now lets you use the DBALL2 data module as a remote starter without the need for separate transmitters on your key ring. The user can simply use his factory car key transmitter to activate remote start by pressing on the lock button three times. Last September, Directed removed this feature and allowed it only on the higher end Directed Digital Systems (4X10 & 5X10) models.

Effective July 20, the feature returns to the lower end DBALL2 modules.

“It provides more options to the installers and customers,” said James Turner, VP of Product Planning. “Instead of just having one platform that may have more features than required for the application, we’re giving them an entry level option.”

DBALL2 modules allow remote starters to work with the bus system in different cars because they can be computer programmed or flashed to work with each car. With special firmware, some cars don’t need a separate remote start module.  And with the new lock 3X feature, they don’t necessarily need a new transmitter as well.

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