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NAV-TV Launches Massive Navigation Expansion
Jul 18, 2015

NAV-TV is launching 17 new navigation kits that add turn by turn navigation and backup camera capability to 170 vehicles, expanding the vehicles that NAV-TV covers by more than 700 percent (from 26 vehicles to 196).

With the new NNG navigation line, NAV-TV covers General Motors, Toyota and Honda vehicles for the first time.  It also expanded its Dodge and Chrysler offering.

The line provides touch screen navigation using the factory audio (for louder audible prompts) for vehicles from Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, GMC, Honda, Jeep, Lincoln and Toyota.   The interfaces may be added to the cars without the need to return the car to the car dealer for programming.

“In the past we had Nissan, Ford and 3 Chrysler models, so this is a significantly expanded category for us. It now gives us compatibility with over 200 vehicles in total under one roof,” said NAV-TV’s Derek Schmiedl.

In many Honda and Toyota vehicles, factory navigation is part of package costing upwards of $3,000.  In the Honda Accord, the package is $3,800, he said.

The NNG is priced competitively with other aftermarket interfaces.

All the systems use NAV N GO mapping software with millions of points of interest, multilingual keyboard and turn-by-turn voice prompts, plus 3D and 2D map view options.  Users also get a free map update for the first year after installation.  (Cameras are not included in the kit).

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Posted By: Ray Sabucco

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