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2.4 Million Chevys To Get CarPlay, Android Auto
Jun 02, 2015

In the largest adoption of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto yet by a car maker, Chevrolet Wednesday announced it will equip fourteen 2016 car models with the systems.

That represents 2.4 million cars based on last year’s sales or 51 percent of Chevy’s total car sales worldwide.

Drivers will be able to switch between the new platforms to suit their phone. The cars will also come with Chevy MyLink.

Initially, cars with the 7-inch MyLink screen will get both CarPlay and Android Auto while vehicles with the 8-inch screen will get CarPlay only early in the 2016 model year.   GM said these systems may get Android Auto as well by the end of the model year.

Car models to receive both CarPlay and Android Auto include Spark, Cruze, Camaro, Camaro convertible, Silverado and Silverado HD. Car models with 8-inch screens that will be CarPlay ready include the Cruze, Malibu, Impala, Volt, Camaro, Camaro convertible, Corvette, Corvette convertible, Colorado Silverado, Silverado HD, Tahoe and Suburban.

First to receive both CarPlay and Android Auto will be the 2016 Cruze as of June 24. Cruze is Chevy’s best selling passenger car with more than 3 million sold since launch.

A “Projection” icon on the MyLink screen is visible when a phone is not connected. It changes to indicate either CarPlay or Android Auto when your phone is connected via USB. (Users must download compatible apps initially).

Hyundai on Tuesday became the first car company to offer Android Auto, now available in the 2015 Sonata.

Source: General Motors

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