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New Bose System Switches EQ Settings Automatically
May 20, 2015

Bose announced the second of its next generation advanced technology systems will automatically switch between two equalization settings.

The system, for the 2016 MX-5 Miata roadster convertible has been tuned for one EQ setting when the car’s top is down and one for the top-up. The Bose system adjusts the EQ settings automatically based on the position of the roof, as well as the level of wind noise and road noise.

The system also places speakers in the front headrests that are acoustically matched to that position.    They include a pair of 2-inch Bose UltraNearfield speakers that work with Bose digital signal processing to create a “wide sound stage even though the speakers are just inches away from the listener,” said Bose.

A pair of 6.5-inch speakers are placed in each door for full-range sound, and 1-inch neodymium tweeters are located in each A-pillar for high-frequency audio. Bass is handled by a 5.25-inch woofer housed in a 6-liter custom enclosure designed to fit under the front passenger footwell without taking up cabin space. Completing the system is a dedicated, 7-channel digital Bose amplifier mounted below the MX-5’s convertible-top storage space.

The first Bose Advanced Technology System was revealed in March for the Cadillac CTS using 34 speakers with 20 channels of custom EQ.

I just moved to the Clearwater area and wanted to start my new upgrades to my car audio. I wanted to upgrade to something better as I will be traveling longer distances now and wanted better audio. I looked around and even went into a few stores here...not one of them really were helpful and some even just ignored me. The minute I stepped into Car Tunes I was greeted by Dave, first by introducing himself to me and then asked what he could assist with. I am a big believer that great customer service makes a company successful. This is definitely the case at this store. Dave did not try to sell me something I didn't want and listen to my needs. Right now I just got my speakers upgraded and will be coming back periodically to completely finish my system. I also would like to compliment on the actual store its self....very clean, professional. I was totally impressed with my experience. Thank you a bunch and look forward to completing my system.

Posted By: Ethan Corsbie

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