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New In-Car Tablet-4 Camera System For Aftermarket
May 03, 2015

The company was at Spring KnowledgeFest with the system that also includes a central brain that stitches together the images from the four cameras. The driver gets a full view all around vehicle in real time, eliminating blind spots.

The system’s Omnipad tablet (7-inch, Android) acts as a monitor and also includes GPS and WiFi and it can be used as standard portable tablet. Another standard feature is built-in digital video recorder.

The full system, called the 360 Omnivue, also allows optional lane departure warning and early crash warning.

Cameras are hardwired to the tablet in the the car and they may be be placed on the side mirror or fenders, said VP Sales/Marketing Marc Maxkintosh.

The 360 Omnivue includes harnesses and brackets and is expected to ship in September at a price to be announced.   A version of the system without the OmniPad tablet is available now.

ImageNext is a South Korean supplier to Kia and Hyundai.  It is currently seeking distributors.

Source: CEoutlook

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