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Sony, Dual Offer High Power 12V Super Radio
Apr 10, 2015

Sony’s car radio XB100BT began trickling in to retailers about a month ago and is now reaching stores such as Best Buy (as of April 12).  Sony says the radio includes triple the amplifier power found in most car radios, allowing users to skip the outboard amplifier in a basic system.  It is rated at a true 100 watts x 4 (40 watts RMS x 4).

The deck is meant to be used with new Sony “Extra Bass” car speakers that are designed to handle bass down to 40-55 Hz (depending on the speaker model). Together, the speakers and deck eliminate the need for a subwoofer and amplifier, says the company.

Dual AM505BT
Dual’s high-powered marine AM505BT

Dual’s marine model is the CD-less AM505BT. By removing the CD transport, it leaves room for a built-in 600 watt full-range digital amplifier. It has Bluetooth for music streaming with ID3 song tags, direct USB control for iPod/iPhone devices, and control for the Pandora app running on an iPhone.

The marinized radio repels water. It has a large, 3-inch full color LCD display and built-in 7-channel NOAA weather band tuner and will ship this summer at $499 suggested retail price. Other features include RDS tuner, a 3-band parametric EQ and a subwoofer preamp output with gain control. A remote control is included.

Another cool feature on Sony’s high powered XB100BT is Near Field Communications (NFC) so you can pair your phone to it with a simple tap on the radio (with certain NFC capable phones).

Sony’s radio also lets your phone or tablet control the radio, acting as a remote control. It also has Siri control and it works with Pandora. It includes built-in Bluetooth 3.0 and is SiriusXM ready at $229.99.

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