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New Apple Watch Works With BMW
Sep 12, 2014
New Apple Watch Works With BMW

Apple introduced its long awaited Watch that offers Apple Pay payment capability and that works with a number of apps from Twitter to a new BMW app.

The new “Watch” at $349 senses when you raise your wrist and then displays your apps.

Apple Watch appleOne of the early apps is from BMW. It lets you see the level of charge for your car and provides a car finder.

Some of the other early apps include Twitter and an American Airlines app.  A Starwood Hotels app lets you unlock your hotel room door by waving the watch in front of it.

A Pinterest app reminds you when you are near a pin and there’s a fitness app with a custom heart rate monitor.

The Watch, to be available early in 2015, lets you send many types of messages including preset phrases or “smart responses” based on your current conversation.  You can send your location or an audio message.

You customize the watch by swiping through a group of watch face selections.   There’s an “astronomy face” that shows the earth with the correct moon phase.

You can do searches by voice.

The Watch has a sapphire screen and a flexible Retina Display.  You can scroll, zoom and magnify content and voice control is through Siri.

There are basically three watch collections with watch faces that can be personalized, and there’s six different straps in leather, metal and plastic that can be swapped.

A stainless steel Sport comes with aluminum casing, and there’s an 18k gold edition plus a smaller sized version.

The watch allows functions such as directions, access to your contacts and phone numbers to call.

The Watch will work with Apple’s new Apple Pay feature.  See story here.

The Watch must be used with an iPhone. While it will work with an iPhone 5, 5c or 5s, it was especially designed for the new 6 and 6 Plus.

Source: Apple, Engadget

Photos via Engadget

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