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Morel Ships Titanium Series
Sep 11, 2014
Morel Ships Titanium Series

Morel is shipping the Titanium series of speakers that have more time and R&D invested in them than any other Morel in-car system to date, said the company.


The woofers in the Titanium speakers use a titanium voice coil former rather than aluminum for lower distortion and a faster transient response.   The Titanium speakers are a new high end for the company Elate line, and were originally shown at CES in January.


They also use the latest version of Morel’s C.A.R. Filter for more accurate bass in an infinite baffle set up such as a car door or small enclosure.


The series includes a new tweeter  called the MT350.  The Acuflex soft dome tweeter has a vented cavity design for high transiency and dynamic range that is comparable to Morel’s home audio tweeters, said the company.  It also is 20 percent smaller to fit into more locations.


The Elate Titanium 3-way sets also include an upgraded CDM880 soft dome midrange with improved power handling, and newly designed crossovers.


For use with a DSP-based in-car system, the Titantium “Active” systems are being offered without crossovers.

Source: Morel

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