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UltraLED Lighting Targets 12 Volt Retailers
Aug 22, 2014
UltraLED Lighting Targets 12 Volt Retailers

UltraLED, a lighting company spun off by a maker of accessories for school buses, is targeting 12 volt retailers for distribution.

UltraLED says it invests heavily in research & development and is producing new LED bulbs with some unique features.

It came to KnowledgeFest (renamed Mobile Electronics Show) looking to add more reps and retailers.

It is showed a plasma (also called “chip-on-board” or COB) light that is shaped in a curved line and is IP68 waterproof so it can be used on fender flairs as a marker light.  UltraLED  says it is the first to smoke out the color of the light so it is completely black and then when it’s turned on , it shines amber, so no color lenses are needed.

The light itself measures about 8 inches long and is curved to fit the contour of the wheel.

“It’s at the cusp of what can be done today.  We’re taking a plasma light that normally would have had a color and smoking it out so it’s completely black and then when turned on , the light shines as amber.  You couldn’t get that before without a lens.  It’s the first plasma or chip on board light to actually be smoked out,” said Brandon Billingsley.

The company recently was spun off from Direct Bus and says it spends over $1/4 million a year on R&D.  Direct Bus moved into RV lighting, which caught on, and soon the company branched into general performance lighting and then spun off the lighting division as a separate company under UltraLED.  Its assortment also includes lights for wheels and truck beds that are on display in a show truck at KnowledgeFest (Mobile Electronics Show) this week.


Source: CEoutlook

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