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Sony, Others Joins ICE (ME Diamond Dealers)
Aug 19, 2014
Sony, Others Joins ICE (ME Diamond Dealers)

Sony, and Roadwire have joined the  ICE (In Car Experts) marketing group, recently renamed Mobile Electronics Diamond group.

Also both Audiovox (VOXX) and Kicker (Stillwater Designs) have expanded their line of products offered to members.

Regarding Roadwire, which makes custom replacement leather seat covering, ME Group’s Chris Cook said, “Leather is an underserved category, and a perfect example of a product that can be adopted to the skill set of a mobile electronics retailer. “

He said, Roadwire products can help  grow a specialist’s offering and increase their customer base.

No additional details on Sony, VOXX and Kicker programs with ME Group were available.

The ME Group said that Diamond is really a marketing organization rather than a buying group.  While it offers special pricing, incentive rebates, coop and exclusive offerings, “unlike the traditional buying group model, it does not believe in pressuring its partners, either its manufacturer or Diamond Dealer partners, to buy or sell more,” said Kerry Moyer new VP strategic  Partnerships.

He said members of other buying groups can belong simultaneously to Diamond.

Source: CEoutlook

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