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Impact Sensing
Electronic shock protection alerts upon impact such as glass breakage.
2-way Paging
Be notified of vehicle disturbances instantly in your home or office.
  Perimeter Sensing
Keep unwanted bodies out of your open air vehicle.
GPS Tracking
Pinpoint your vehicle's (or teenagers) location at all times.
Keyless Entry
Enjoy the convenience and safety of unlocking your doors and trunk remotely.
Remote Start
Get a head start on the extreme weather from the comfort of your home.
Remote Vehicle Operation
Control vehicle functions such as door lock/unlock or engine starting by phone or internet.
Our Experts will answer all of your questions.....

"The dealership said an alarm will void my warranty, is this true?"
"How far away can I unlock my doors?"
"Can someone hot wire my car if my alarm is activated?"
"My factory unit can lock/unlock my doors, it also can open my truck. Can yours?"

The Key To A Safe Automobile:
Buying A Security System

There is no worse feeling than coming out of a local establishment and finding that your car has been broken into or stolen. This can easily be avoided through one simple purchase: a car alarm security system. There are a few things to consider before you purchase your car alarm security system. There are many companies that will claim that you need their system because they offer the best security systems around. Here are the things to look for when you are choosing a car alarm security system for yourself. 

Two Way Paging

A two-way paging auto alarm is a fantastic thing to have because it allows you to know exactly when your car has been stolen or broken into. This is especially important in catching the thief before he or she gets away with your vehicle.

GPS Tracking

Your car may be stolen during the night or while you are away. This leaves you with a missing vehicle and no way to find it. Not so if you have the GPS VehicleTracking System in your automobile car alarm. GPS tracking allows you to monitor your car's location even if you are not in it. This is helpful when there has been a lapse in time from the moment your car was stolen and you discovered your stolen vehicle. Also check thatRadar Detectorof yours, some radar detectors now have GPS Technology built into them.

Keyless Entry

Keyless entry is a vital security measure that may save your life someday. Take, for example, a deserted parking lot. You walk slowly to your vehicle, only to notice a person walking behind you. You can quickly access your vehicle and be safely inside in seconds. Also, with keyless entry, a thief cannot enter your vehicle by bypassing the keyhole. This is an added security measure that slows a potential thief down and may deter him or her from breaking into your car. 

Remote Start

Remote start is a great thing to have, especially in cold or bad weather. With remote start, your vehicle can start up and begin warming, defrosting, or cooling down with a push of a button. Remote start also helps when you are faced with a dangerous situation and need to get away from the area quickly. Most remote start keypads have an alarm button included, which comes in handy when you need to trip your car's alarm in an emergency. 

Remote Vehicle Operation

Any good automobile security system will include remote vehicle operation. This includes valet mode which adjusts your car to less sensitive settings for valet parking. It also includes a siren mode which can be triggered when the car alarm is set off. It also may have the capability to restrict vehicle use or disable the vehicle if it is known to be stolen. 

Regardless of the automobile security system that you purchase, you will feel a sense of relief and safety in knowing that you have added measures in place in the event of a crime or emergency. Look over the best security systems before you purchase your car's system. You won't be sorry.

Hello, I would like to complement Car Tunes for there outstanding and professionalism as a top notch business... I have been dealing with car audio since I was 16 and I am now 40, and I have never been treated with the respect that all the employees starting with the owner Shawn and his wife Darcy, David at the front end, and all the installers that work there asses off in the back to make a system to the way it needs to be... I was working with a stereo company since I was 18, and they just went out of business... I deal with Phoenix Gold product that I am very impressed with and they sent me to Car Tunes... I couldn't have asked for a better company and people to deal with, cause they make you feel right at home and know what they are talking about with there expert knowledge with car audio... I have an intense system with 32 speakers and 9 ten inch subwoofers in a Ford F-150... I have been dealing with them now for two months and wish I new about them when I was 16, being that they have been in the Industry for 32 years... It shows by the way they treat there customers... One thing that really stood out to me and they have taken me in as a lifetime customer was that after doing a add on of 8 speakers and an amplifier under my back seat to get more mids and highs cause of the amount of bass that my truck pushes out, I received a thank you card in the mail thanking me for my business... Now that's how a business is run!!! I in all my years have never received a thank you card for all the $100,000 of thousands of dollars I have spent in these other stereo shops... They have just gained a loyal customer for life, cause the way they run this business, it will be around forever... At least as long as I'm alive!!! I really want to thank them all and I mean everyone that's there even if they aren't working on my truck cause they all greet you with respect!!! Thank you Car Tunes for all you have done for me and my truck in the short two months, cause I guarantee there is no other shop around or even in the U.S. that will treat you the way Car Tunes treats you as a customer.... Thank you again and can't say it enough... Leonidas Rousakis...

Posted By: Leonidas Rousakis

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